About Pamoja Capital Group

The Pamoja Capital Group is a private investment firm founded in 2006 by John McCall MacBain and his team following the sale of Trader Classified Media. Pamoja means “togetherness in Swahili.

Pamoja Capital Group creates value through long-term, socially-responsible, global investments across a number of industry sectors, including education, life sciences, information technology, real estate and media and communications.

The firm's investments span all stages of corporate growth, including seed and growth capital. The firm places special emphasis on investing in businesses with sustainable cash flow. Pamoja Capital Group believes that the experience of its managers in operating global businesses, combined with the long-term orientation of its financial resources, gives its portfolio companies a distinct competitive advantage.

The firm adopts innovative structures designed to closely align its interests with those of its co-investors and management.  These include creative approaches to:

  • Direct investments in companies
  • Real estate projects
  • Sustainable and social enterprises
  • Investments in investment funds

We typically seek to undertake investments in the $5 to $100 million range, however the firm has no pre-defined limits on transaction size.

The firm seeks capital appreciation through long-term investments.  Since Pamoja Capital Group is not an investment fund with a limited life, the firm can make investments with a longer expected ownership period than that of a typical investment fund.  Pamoja Capital makes investments with the expectation of owning its interest for the long-term.

Pamoja Capital Group's management structure is streamlined.  We are therefore able to make investment decisions more rapidly than many large corporations or investment funds.